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There is nothing like old-fashioned Pentecostal preaching.  It is the finest preaching ever heard.

Why is this?  Because it is "Holy Ghost anointed preaching."

The purpose of this web site is to present you with various outstanding Pentecostal preachers. 

This is accomplished by enabling you to listen to some of their anointed sermons.

This site will soon have available sermons by every person listed on this site.

Dr. Harter preaching in Canada
Above photo is Dr. Harter preaching under a gospel tent.

Dr. Melvin Harter is President of Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary, which is located in southern Arizona. 
MVBC&S is a school where students are trained to become PENTECOSTAL PREACHERS.

For information, contact

Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary
PO Box 1620
Hereford, Arizona 85615 USA

or call (520) 255-5960

email: MiracleOffice@yahoo.com

Within in recent years an increasing awareness of the Holy Ghost baptism has spread across the world.

Many persons in nominal churches have been gripped with a deep hunger to experience a fullness of the Holy Spirit.

While seeking for this deeper, spiritual fulfillment, these questing souls have come to know the same effusion of the Holy Spirit as those who first were baptized with the Holy Ghost on the Day of Pentecost.

It is with deep joy that we witness this move of the Holy Ghost within the great church groups today. 

Our prayer is that God will sweep all churches with a mighty deluge of the Holy Ghost baptism so that receiving the Pentecostal experience will become a normal experience of the total Christian church.